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Research validates that all companies experience multiple, predictable growth inflection points that must be anticipated in all visionary and scalable sales and channel strategy. In emerging companies the initial inflection point traditionally evolves as founders and/or founding executive management exhaust their scope of experience.

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The WCE Consulting Group was founded on the principle that most companies have the opportunity to outperform both their expected and actual revenue growth, but lack some combination of vision, experience, focus and/or methodology necessary to maximize growth velocity and resulting company value. Further, in today’s business climate there is significant leverage to be gained by engaging with a virtual, independent sales executive offering a manageable variable cost model.

Bill Etheredge-Principal at the WCE Group has a unique 32 year career of proven executive management experience in addressing revenue growth challenges in emerging, SMB and enterprise B to B entities by successfully applying a methodology built on time proven principles. The WCE Group first applies this methodology to assess the alignment between corporate vision, strategy and market strategy with sales and channel strategy. This phase is followed by a disciplined, facilitated process designed to define the true root cause of all inhibitors to revenue acceleration with a resulting definition of prioritized remedies to address each of these contributing factors.

The initial assessment of company performance and collaborative agreement on appropriate consulting engagement objectives may also determine the need to engage other WCE virtual subject matter consultants to maximize results.

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“Bill is an experienced sales executive. He fully understands channel design and has demonstrated the ability to lead from concept to execution. Bill directly reported to me, successfully running a large multi-million dollar sales and operations organization. He also was an excellent coach, developing next generation sales leadership.”

- Rich Mcbee, President, Danaher